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About Us

Employers are always looking to bridge the talent gap with the most qualified hires. However, in today’s highly competitive markets, even the top-tier candidates sometimes fail to impress the recruiters simply because they struggle with articulating their career achievements on the resume or LinkedIn profile.
But not if you are our client!
Our career experts make your applications memorable with highly keyword-optimised content and unlock your dream job opportunities.

Sarah Basit

Executive Resume Writer & Interview Coach
  • 7+ years of experience in the tech & sales industry

  • Certified Executive Resume Writer & Interview Coach

  • My goal is to transform your professional story into a spotlight-stealing
    masterpiece through my Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profile Development,
    Interview Coaching services

  • I help clients land their dream jobs in less than 90 days

Our Promise

1. Customer Success & Satisfaction

We’re a small team that ensures a highly customised service, offering that ‘human touch’ rare to find in busier companies.

2. Expert Opinion

Our clients frequently reported that they feel empowered and excited for job hunt by the end of our ‘discovery’ sessions; we equip you with personalized interview and networking tips.

3. No Homework For You

Unlike others, we don’t expect you to fill in extensive forms or anything at all that involves a lot of writing. We do all the work for you.

4. Service Quality  

Strict compliance with quality standards is our highest priority. Our work goes through a rigorous QC process before the final handover and all our writers undergo extensive training.